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Is the Art of Cooking Really Art?

Culinary art is not a random collocation - the art of cooking is as important in our lives as any other. Just like painting, sculpture, music, design, culinary art is meant to make life more beautiful but, unlike the other above-mentioned arts, it applies to taste.

Since ancient times, people have taken delight in culinary art. They have gathered on special occasions to eat, drink and be merry. Specialists in culinary art have striven to prepare the most tasteful dinners to the guests? amazement and the hosts? enchantment alike. Humans are weak ? they can?t stay away from food for too long especially when it is so irresistibly tasteful.

In the past, rich people had a special dinner when there was something significant to celebrate and I also believe that the poor also made some effort to offer their families a better meal on a special occasion. However, culinary art was not as advanced as it is today. Food used to be less sophisticated because people did not travel as much as they do today and they had little chance to get acquainted to the culinary art of other people round the world. In time, as they started traveling more easily from one continent to another, they brought home ingredients that other cultured consumed on a daily basis and in this way the choice of food changed significantly and the culinary art raised its standards little by little.

Nowadays, as culinary art has gained such significance, we have become very pretentious when it comes to taste. We don?t like simple things anymore. We expect culinary art to amaze us; that?s why we spend good money to have a special meal at a restaurant that is famous for its culinary art. Our tastes are very clearly stated and when it comes to food and stomach compromise is inconceivable. Most of us have little time to linger over a plate on weekdays and prefer to grab something to eat while working; however, when it is time for a special dinner we will always look for the best meal.

Specialists in culinary art can be found all over the world, in cities and towns alike, for everybody to enjoy. Culinary art is taken very seriously and there are good schools preparing young people who have talent and are eager to learn this special ?trade? to become skillful cooks who will bring joy to thousands of customers looking for fantastic dishes.

In the last decade, interest in exotic culinary art has increased and many of us travel miles to reach a certain Indian or Chinese restaurant that we enjoy for the mere pleasure of ending the week with a favorite dish. Tourism also helps us to get acquainted to the culinary art of the places we visit. Don?t we always try traditional meals of the people whose guests we are? And sometimes we become so fond of their culinary art that we book the next holiday in the same place. This, of course, does not mean that eating is our only purpose in life; it only means that a good meal always makes a difference!

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